Semi-finished product for light-diffusing matrix

It is the line of semi-finished products for production of advertisements, illumination for architectural elements, exhibit furniture, elements of interior decoration, advertising presenters, coffers, etc. The offer is addressed mainly to the designers, advertising agencies, etc.

On individual orders we provide designs of matrices fitted with LED stripes.
Minimal thickness of matrix which diffuses the light ideally and evenly is 5 mm!!! Maximal format of lighting panel in one piece is 1300×2500 mm or 1500×1500 mm.

  • matrices are prepared on individual order of customers
  • maximal format is 1300×2500 mm, or 1500×1500 mm
  • energy-saving form for uniform illumination
  • lighting resembling LCD monitor
  • matrices are processed with laser


During assembly of the Lumi Base  it should be borne in mind that similarly as each thermoplastic material, the boards are characterised by variability of dimensions under the impact of temperature and moisture. For this reason mounting of the boards should assure the possibility of compensating changes in board dimensions. The minimum expansion value: 3 mm per each metre of board length. It is recommended to mechanically fix the Lumi Base or embed it in an aluminum frame.

  • Temperatura barwy światła 4000K / 6500K
  • Żywotność LED 50 000h
  • Napięcie zasilania DC12V
  • Grubość matrycy 5mm
  • Stopień ochrony pasków LED IP65

Maksymalny format 1300x2500mm lub 1500x1500mm w jednym kawałku

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You want to order? Have questions?

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